Camera & Lighting Equipment

All the gear and a pretty good idea

By investing heavily in high-end cameras, a variety of quality lenses and a wide selection of LED lighting, grip and production support equipment, Dan is able to provide a one-stop equipment solution to many productions – at a lower cost than available at larger rental houses.

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  • RED DSMC2 Monstro 8K Full Frame
  • RED Komodo-X 6K Super 35
  • Canon R5 45MP


  • Canon CN-E Primes Full Set
  • Viltrox Epic Anamorphics Full Set
  • Vazen Anamorphics Full Set
  • Canon L-series Full Set
  • Canon Vintage Full Frame Set

LED Lighting

  • Aputure 1200D
  • Aputure 600D
  • Aputure 600C
  • Aputure 300DMkII
  • Aputure P300Cs
  • Nanlite PavoTubes
  • Aputure B7Cs


  • DJI Ronin 2
  • Teradek RT wireless FIZ
  • Teradek Bolt 6 1:2 wireless video transmission
  • O’Connor 2575B
  • Dana Dolly
  • Flanders Scientific BM240