Oh, brace yourselves for the photographic genius that is Dan Barham!

Hailing from the majestic city of Manchester, UK, he decided to grace Vancouver, BC, with his artistic prowess. With an uncanny ability to capture clichés like no other, Dan effortlessly juggles between selling us stuff in commercials and crafting narratives that make you go, “Wait, what was that about?”.

Over the course of over fifteen years, Dan has somehow managed to make his mark in this industry, and we can’t help but wonder if he’s got the secret formula for turning mediocrity into art.

Bravo, Dan, bravo.

(Dan also has a keen interest in sarcasm and not taking himself too seriously)

+1 778 892 6777
[email protected]

Select Gear List


  • RED Weapon Monstro 8K
  • RED Komodo-X 6K
  • Canon R5 45MP


  • Canon CN-E Primes Full Set
  • Vazen Anamorphics Full Set
  • Canon L-series Full Set
  • Canon Vintage Full Frame Set


  • Aputure 1200D
  • Aputure 600D
  • Aputure 600C
  • Aputure 300DMkII
  • Aputure P300Cs
  • Nanlite PavoTubes
  • Aputure B7Cs


  • Teradek RT
  • Teradek Bolt 300 2:3
  • Dana Dolly
  • Flanders Scientific BM240