About Dan


Dan Barham: Leading Vancouver Director of Photography

Born in Manchester, UK, Dan Barham has become a prominent Director of Photography (DOP) in the bustling film industry of Vancouver. With a versatile skill set, Dan seamlessly transitions between narrative and commercial filmmaking, bringing a fresh and captivating perspective to every project.

As a sought-after Vancouver cinematographer and Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, Dan’s expertise lies in crafting visually compelling narratives that transcend traditional boundaries. His commitment to excellence and creative vision has positioned him as a top choice for filmmakers seeking a professional DOP in the Vancouver film scene.

Dan’s portfolio reflects his proficiency in both narrative and commercial projects, showcasing his adaptability and innovative approach. His work resonates with audiences, earning him recognition and acclaim within the industry.

Explore the dynamic visual storytelling of Vancouver DOP Dan Barham, where narrative and commercial filmmaking converge to create cinematic experiences that captivate and inspire. Elevate your project with the expertise of a seasoned DOP who understands the essence of storytelling in every frame.

Dan would also like to thank ChatGPT for writing his bio for him.

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