Wilderness Man

Wilderness Man starred Vancouver comedian Graham Clark, and was an entry into CBC’s Comedy Coup competition, where it placed top five in a field of over three hundred entries.

Divided into a series of weekly challenges, each video presented a new set of hurdles to overcome in a short timeline. I shot and edited every piece that went out.

#1 – Teaser

Shot in just one day on a shoestring budget, we made the teaser from a super short pilot idea.

With a mandatory ninety second limit it was tough to get a whole arc in there, but we managed. Just.

#2 – The Team

The challenge: introduce the team while still keeping things interesting.

I modelled Graham’s beard world in Element3D and green screened us into it.

#3 – The Differentiator

The titles were rendered in 3D with Element, then Graham green screened into a 3D mountain scene. Added environment effects such as fog and snow using Trapcode Particular.

#4 – Key It

For the key still art, I shot each animal and Graham on green, then composited them together in Photoshop.

#5 – Hype It

One of the few live-action pieces we did with no chroma keying, I shot the walk-n-talk with a stabilized gimbal.

#6 – Flip It

By far the most post production went into this week’s challenge. We flipped the original Wilderness Man concept into a Quantum Leap tribute, and leaned heavily on chromakey and SFX to make up the bulk of the footage.

#7 – The Roast

Simple compositing / colour grade for a movie theatre aesthetic.

#8 – Highlight Reel

A three minute reel with highlights, behind the scenes and out-takes from the project, shown at the final pitch event in Whistler and online as a wrap-up video.

VFX & Compositing

With no budget and limited access to cast and locations, we had to rely heavily on VFX and compositing in post production to create the Wilderness Man world.

Software used includes Adobe After Effects, Element3D, Trapcode Particular and Red Giant Universe.

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