With over ten years experience as a professional photographer, I’ve worked on every type of shoot – from multi-day commercial affairs to the most personal portraits.

A strong background in outdoor sports photography has given me new perspectives on all subjects, and taught me to be responsive and resilient to situations as they arise.

Cinematography & Film-making

By combining a keen eye for composition with an instinct for narratives, I’m able to bring a wide variety of stories to life.

Whether it’s a commercial product highlight, an intimate conversation or a heart-thumping action sequence, I’ll create footage that’ll engage the viewer throughout.


Even the best footage is nothing without decent editing. I’ve worked on a huge variety of programming, such as comedy shorts, documentaries, travel pieces and commercial promotions.

Working both as a shooter / editor and as editor alone, I’m able to craft raw video and sound into a finished, polished product.

VFX & Compositing

My experience behind a physical camera means I’m also adept at using them virtually, too.

When a project calls for advanced VFX or compositing, I’m able to use my skills in judging and manipulating light to seamlessly blend video with generated graphics.

Colour Grading

Colour grading is more than just a layer of polish on an otherwise finished film – I’m a firm believer of telling stories with colour tone and affecting emotions appropriately.

Often, I use subtle shifts in palettes to subconsciously lead a viewer in a certain direction; other times it’s larger jumps for stylistic meanings.

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